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in Manufacturing of All geared Pillar Drilling machine

Drilling cum Tapping Machine India

They are easy to operate as well as really accurate machines. The machine provides exclusive combination of the drilling or tapping operation as well as is appropriate for the mass production.

Salient Features
  • The drilling and tapping machine is extremely versatile for the drilling, tapping, reaming, as well as screwing at the predetermined depth
  • Easy to install, easy to operate with no additional skills needed
  • Dual operation for drilling and tapping with no additional attachment with only flick of the switch setting the machines from drilling and tapping to the vice-versa
  • Automatic turnaround of spindle with preset depth as well as changes direction of the spindle routinely back to the normal
  • Easy back gear agreement helps 8 spindle speeds for suiting cutting speeds
  • Emergency reverse foot switching to avoid the tap breakage
  • Having the electrical switching gear units no wear or tear as well as therefore no maintenance needed
  • Designed as well as built with the expertise for over 50 years in the precision and machine tools
  • Powerful streamlined structure
  • Higher grade steel alloy, carburized, hardened as well as precision ground for closing tolerances of the precision components like main shafts, gears, spindles, etc
  • The grained casting iron properly stress relieved through suitable wall sections of head stocks, working tables as well as bases.
  • The columns made from seamless tube steel ground as well as hard surfaced
  • Extensive range for spindle speeds as well as feeds for helping tapping, drilling, as well as boring requirements for different materials
  • Main pulleys as well as spindles are energetically balanced or mounted on the anti-friction bearing for making sure continued accuracy
  • The electrical reverse mechanism given for both the hand as well as auto spindle reversal to tapping applications

The drilling cum tapping machine India also talk about as drilling press is the main machine tool utilized for tool room. Conventionally drilling machines have undergone many changes as its primal first design like the bow drills. These days drilling machines can be repeatedly utilized in all industrial houses with range of sewing machines to aerospace industry. Amongst the finest judges of quality of drilling machine is die maker because the result of the products relies on quality of drilling machines.

All geared Pillar Drilling machine India